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Q. What type of company is Bioprotec?
A. Bioprotec is more than just a revolutionary company. Bioprotec’s groundbreaking technologies will change the world. The company’s philosophy calls for an all-encompassing protection of our lives and bodies – inside and out. Bioprotec is Protection FOR Life and Enhancement OF Life.

Q. What make Bioprotec unique?
A. It is a REVOLUTIONARY and PROPRIETARY EMF Harmonizing Mechanism. It is the ONLY scientifically substantiated product in the marketplace today. It is a REAL solution to dealing with harmful EMFs, combining 20 years of research and a lot of common sense.

Q. What are the benefits of using Bioprotec?
A. Bioprotec reprograms both transversal and longitudinal waves to extensively eliminate the negative effects of electromagnetic sources on the bioenergetic field of the human body.Tests from the Research Institute for Vital-Energetik have shown that Bioprotec is a new generation high-tech product that ensures protection against high-frequency electromagnetic fields on humans.

Q. Can I move my BIOPROTEC Cell Chip from one cell phone to another cell phone?
A. No, once in place removing any chip to a different cell phone or electrical device will break the signal to the Bioprotec product.

Q. What does EMF have to do with Cell Phones?
A. Tests show that a two-hours' exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic fields, with frequencies in the range of common cellular telephones, can lead to irreparable DNA breaks in brain and sex cells. The intensities used in the experiments are in the usual range for modern cellular telephones.

Q. What are the effects of high-frequency fields on human organisms?
A. Human beings feel well and are healthy when their bodies are in a state of equilibrium. Should this equilibrium be disturbed by external or internal influences, various mechanisms that regulate and control the human body are activated to restore balance. Commands for certain bodily functions originate in the brain and are relayed to cells and organs using nerves, hormones, and other means.It has been proven that electromagnetic and radio wave radiation affect the human brain and body. Commands originating in the brain can be transmitted incorrectly, resulting in the body's flawed functioning. Furthermore, this could lead to defective cell metabolism, followed by organ failures. Long-term exposure leads to tissue damage, which could cause a multitude of health problems. Renowned scientists indicate that cellular telephone radiation tremendously impairs membranes of the circulatory and nervous systems. These membranes ensure the normal constant chemical setting in the brain and repel toxins. With the enormous increase of electromagnetic and radio wave radiation emitted by cellular telephones, increasing numbers of illnesses such as allergies, neurodermatitis, decreased productivity, fatigue, asthma, heart disease, brain cancer, depression, sleep disorders and ill tempers are on the rise. Undoubtedly, informatic-energetic interaction between electromagnetic and biological systems exists and we are now discovering the negative effects of this interaction.

Q. Will the BIOPROTEC Cell Chip affect the signal strength of my phone?
A. No, our product is not a blocker of EMF frequencies, your cell phone will work and receive calls. Bioprotec harmonizes the dangerous frequencies to a safe level.

Q. Is the BIOPROTEC Cell Chip water and heat resistant?
A. Yes, the BIOPROTEC Cell Chip is water and heat resistant.

Q. What is the difference between the BIOPROTEC Cell Chip and the BIOPROTEC All Purpose Chip?
A. Bioprotec Cell Chips are only to be used on Cell Phones and portable phones. All Purpose Chips are designed to protect against Electromagnetic Frequencies from Coffee Makers, Alarm Clocks, Toasters, Hair Dryers, Copiers, Scanners, Fax Machines, and PDAs.

Q: I have been a heavy user of mobile phones for years and I feel fine, why should I feel concerned? How do I know if there is a problem?
A: Some people feel a specific or an unspecific symptom when they use a mobile phone, others don’t. It is highly individual. It has been reported in scientific papers that EMFs such as those emitted from mobile phones may significantly increase the risk of conditions such as cancer. Individuals developing such conditions rarely feel anything before it’s too late. Therefore, even if you "feel nothing", it is no guarantee that you are safe. 

Q: Is there any risk from keeping my phone on standby in my pocket?
A: Your cell phone, even when not it use (but turned on), does still emit harmful waves that can potentially effect the body.

Q: Why haven’t more human laboratory studies been made?
A: Laboratory studies on humans are difficult and costly to conduct. Therefore, the research has been focused on cell and humane animal laboratory studies and epidemiological studies on humans. However, some studies have been made on humans showing an increased blood pressure, changed EEG readings (brain waves) and changed EKG readings (heart beats) as a result of mobile phone radiation.

Q: What are BIOPROTEC Cell Chips and how were they developed?
A: BIOPROTEC Cell Chips are a technology designed to eliminate the biological effects of EMF exposure. The BIOPROTEC Cell Chip technology has been developed as a result of a large research effort. For specific research studies on the Technology, please click here.

Q: How does the BIOPROTEC Cell Chips work?
A: guiding principle in modern physics is that all life is based on energy and information. The flawless operation of a biological system, needs a permanent exchange of energy and information. This is also true for computer systems. Required energy is provided by electricity, which transforms information into binary codes of ones (1) and zeros (0). The first generations of computers required large technical equipment. Computers today require a tiny chip; this chip handles the most complex calculation procedures and has the ability to store information of virtually inexhaustible dimensions. Hardware size has been reduced, thus making computers more manageable, economical, and user-friendly.Bioprotec benefits from the use of a tiny computer chip and the previously mentioned guiding principle. It works exclusively with energy and information. The energy of light is the first inexhaustible source fed into the Bioprotec system. Information, which is permanently stored inside the Bioprotec system, and the energy of light guarantee flawless and indefinite operation. It needs no maintenance or service.

Q: What evidence is there that it protects me from EMF waves?
A: Please read the Research studies conducted, as well as a more detailed presentation on how the technology works.

Q: Will my BIOPROTEC Cell Chips interfere with the normal functioning or range of my cell phone?
A: BIOPROTEC Cell Chips will not interfere at all with the operation or range of your cellular phone.

Q: How long will be BIOPROTEC Cell Chips work?
A: As long as you have your cell phone the saver will be activated. We refer to our technology as “FREE ENERGY”.

Q: Will my BIOPROTEC Cell Chips interfere with other cellular phones or other electrical equipment?
A: No. There is no electronic interference associated with the BIOPROTEC Cell Chips.

Q: Will my BIOPROTEC Cell Chips stop my ear becoming warm when I use my phone?
A: The BIOPROTEC technology will not eliminate tissue heating and any inconveniences associated with your phone. However, some of the "heating" sensation may be associated with the induction of stress proteins, a biological effect not necessarily associated with heating, and thus the BIOPROTEC Cell Chips may help to reduce that symptom.

Q: Will my BIOPROTEC Cell Chips stop me getting the headaches that I get when I use my cellular phone?
A: If your headache is caused by non-heating biological effects induced by cellular phone EMFs, the BIOPROTEC Cell Chips should stop this headache. If actual heating or exhaustion from talking on the phone causes your headache, the BIOPROTEC Cell Chips will not stop this. .

Q: Does this mean that I will not have to worry at all about the radiation or should I continue to use an earpiece?
A: With the BIOPROTEC Cell Chips, you will not have to worry about negative biological effects from EMF waves. If you are bothered by actual heating of your phone, you should consider an earpiece or other device so the cellular phone is not held next to your ear.

Q. Do I need to do anything to the appliance before I apply the BIOPROTEC All-Purpose Chip?
A. For best adhesion, clean the area with a mild soap and water. Apply the BIOPROTEC All-Purpose Chip to a dry, flat surface.

Q. Can I move my BIOPROTEC All Purpose Chip from one appliance to another?
A. BIOPROTEC does NOT recommend moving a All-Purpose Chip from one appliance to another. Once a All Purpose Chip is applied to a device, the adhesive is strong, and thus should stay on that appliance. Once peeled off and reapplied, we can not guarantee that the Chip will adhere properly.

Q. Will my BIOPROTEC Cell Chips need to be recharged?
A. No, as long as you leave the savers on your cell or electrical device your savers will remain programmed.

Q. Can I get my BIOPROTEC Chips wet?
A. Yes, there is no deactivation caused by getting your savers wet.

Q. What is the difference between the BIOPROTEC Cell Chip and the BIOPROTEC All Purpose Chip?
A. While both chips contain the same patented polymer material, there are 3 key differences between the BIOPROTEC All Purpose Chips and the BIOPROTEC Cell Chip: The size of the chips, their shapes, and their packaging. The Cell chips, All Purpose chips and Super chips are all packaged individually.

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